Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sinvalia Rose Gel Moisturiser

 Let me just start by saying that i absolutely love this stuff! It has worked wonders for me and i will definitely be repurchasing! I have combinations skin and tend to get oily around my nose, forehead and chin while my cheeks and around my mouth get quite dry. With this being a gel formula i worried it would leave my skin feeling dry and tight. It actually does once its applied which i think is to do with the glycerin in it. Thats what people look for when wanting a good foundation primer as it makes the skin tacky whih helps makeup stick. This feeling only lasts a few minutes, after that skin feels lovely and soft. I use this in a morning because it is such a good primer as well as a moisturiser. I have noticed that i can stop using a foundation primer and just use this and my makeup lasts all day without looking dry or over oily. This is like my new number one primer!

It is a 120ml glass jar with a screw top lid. Mine was literally full to the brim and also in the lid too so a decent amount of product. My average moisturisers are around 50ml and i usually pay around 5-6 pound so overall its about the same. The only difference being is i can now save by not buying a primer too. The gel itself is a light pink colour, it looks darker in the jar and applies clear. A little goes a long way and it blends into the skin nicely leaving it nice and soft. I does have a strong rose scent which lingers for a while even after applying makeup but i love rose scents so i dont mind this at all.

I would say its definitely one to try, even just for a primer. I have quite sensitive skin and this so far has been fine for me.

I received this at a reduced price on AMZReviews :)