Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Imagic 12 Colour Flash Palette

I love this!! I absolutely love makeup anyway, it is kind of a hobby of mine. I am by no means a professional but love to try out new products. I found this after watching a youbue video about the makeup forever flash palette, that linked to a dupe for it that people claimed was the same quality. Now i do not own the makeup forever palette so i can not compare the two, what i can say is i ths is fantastic quality. I have added some pictures to this review to show the quality and also some ideas of the different colours that can be made. Of course you can use them as they are without mixing if they are for fancy dress or stage etc.

The colours included are ggold, coral, turquoise, fuchsia, yellow, brown, silver, white, red, bright blue, green and black.

I will list some of the colour combinations below to give you some examples. It can be used for everything. From what i have read it is possible to get a full face of makeup out of this so for travelling its perfect. Its aso very sturdy packaging and in my case all of the colours were filled evenly and most of the way to the top. To get a full face of makeup out of this is possible but i would also take a face powder compact to set everything if you have oily skin. Stil only 2 items for travelling is amazing.

So for foundation  have found mixing brown, white, red, yellow and peach works well, obviously more of one or another colour may be needed depending on skin tone. I use a little extra yellow to counter the redness i naturally have. This can also be layered as concealer without cakiness. It is a good medium coverage.

For blush there is the coral, fushcia and red, these can be mixed with a little white or the silver or gold for some shimmer. Also can be made a little warmer with the brown so on so on.

For eyes its pretty much anything goes but i would use a primer underneath to stop creasing and to not lose much colour a translucent powder can be dusted over the top. The black, broand and blue make good everyday liners but as i say anythiing goes with this palette.

For lips the same goes, there is red, peach, coral, fuschia and shimmers or white. Also a brown lip could be created. You can really do it all. For lips though it can settle into lines if you have dry lips so i pop a little over lip balm but it wont last as long as on its own.

Definitely a winner for me!

Disclaimer: I paid full price for this product. I got mine HERE.