Saturday, 6 February 2016

Amazon Cleansing Sponges

I love these! I paid £1.39 on Amazon. I will insert the link to them HERE.
 I have been looking for some cleansing sponges for a while. Mainly to cut down on costs of face wipes and cotton pads etc. I noticed these when I was looking through the beauty items and for the price they are great. They are quite thin and I would probably say they fit roughly in the palm of my hand. Even though thin they feel pretty sturdy and I far I have had no breakage or bits flaking off.

I use morning and night with my normal cleanser. I usually cleanse with my fingers and then dampen one of these and wipe away the cleanser and makeup. I think they work great. I never cleanse my eyes did to sensitivity but after cleansing my face I rinse it out and go moved my eyes and it removes eye-shadow and liner no problem. I haven't testes with mascara as I don't always use but since I wouldn't want them covered in black I probably would remove heavy eye makeup first. They rinse really well and so far haven't stained at all. When squeezed out they feel just slightly damp and good to getting under eyes and round the nose. While removing makeup and cleansing they also have an exfoliating kind of effect. My skin feels soft and smooth after using one of these. I can definitely tell the difference now between using these and just cleansing with my hands. When they are first opened they are soft but once wet they do dry a little harder but then soften up again when wet.

These are perfect for everyday use and I think they would be great for travelling as they dry quick too and are very small and light. I would definitely repurchase these again.

Disclaimer: I paid full price for this item.