Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Where I Find Beauty Bargains

I just wanted to share with you a few of the places that i have found really good bargains when it comes to beauty and skincare products. Some of the places are online and some are actual shops (sorry if you dont have these in your area but they are pretty well known so i hope most of you will find one).

First off i will mention the obvious one that is all over blogs and youtube and thats the pound stores. I also want to mention the 99p store as the one in my area is best for branded skincare and nail products. Its also worth mentioning that all these shops stcok the usual branded shampoos, conditioners and styling products. A lot of them are the same in them all.

99p Store
I usually get most of my nail products from the 99p store - I have found they stock a lot of the duo packs with Sally Hansen and Maybelline being some of the best branded ones. I have found the odd Revlon polish too but these are a bit harder to come by. Obviously all stores have different products so its best to shop around if you can. I also pick up the odd hair dye from here if they have my colour. The Live ones are the only branded ones  have had from here.

Another good place for nail products and i believe they also now stock the £1 beauty range which i have tried a few products from and love. I have had some Clairol Perfect 10 hair dyes from here also. They dont stock a lot of well known products in my local and i tend to come here just on the off chance.

These also stock the £1 beauty range and this is the first place i picked any of them up. I am currently trying out a mascara and foundation from this range. I will review them if anyone wants me to. I have never found a branded hair dye from here and lately they dont seem to be stocking as much named brand beauty in mine. I have seen online people were finding Maybelline Colour Tattoos in their locals.

Another few to mention are Home Bargains, Bodycare (not in every town/city) and Bargain Buys. I have found some good bargains in these shops but not always under a pound.

Here are a few of the online places i have used.

Cosmetics Fairy
I shop from here a few times a year and often treat myself for birthdays or christmas etc. They offer free delivery in the UK if you spend over £10 and usually a free gift if you spend over £5. They also have a 99p or under section. This s full of name brand nail products and a lot of good makeup. I have had bourjois, loreal, sue moxley and maybelline from this section of the website. Current bargains are Essie nail polishes for 49p, Loreal nails for 99p and Sally Hansen Nail Strips. There are loads more but although im not 100 sure i have a feeling a lot of this is discontiued stock but its also a good place to find a product too.

Fragrance Direct
I have used this website a couple of times and it has a lot more too offer product wise than CosmeticsFairy but the Free Shiiping threshold is a lot higher, i believe around £40. Other than that the shipping is around £3 which is still not too bad. I purchased all of my Fashionista blushes and bronzers from here for 49p each. They came just in the pans but if you have a palette you can put them in then its a bargain. Still for the price its a great deal.  They also currently have the Sue Moxley Eyeshadows as mentioned n my last post for 50p each. They Currently have a good selection of MAC.

I hope all this has been of some help to those of you who love a good bargain. I have tried to link products where i can too :)