Monday, 18 January 2016

--- Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant ---

 I just wanted to share my thoughts about this product. I know its not makeup but i want to cover all aspects of beauty when writing on here. I want to say firstly i dd receive this product to test and give feedback on. Writing about it on here wasnt why i got it free, i have chosen to do this myself because i liked the product so much. I wasnt sent this by the company but instead from a website called BzzAgent which is free to sign up to for anyone HERE.

First off i love the packaging and how the product comes out. It looks quite bulky but its actually pretty light so would be good for travelling. When you pull off the lid there is a foil covering to stop leaking etc. Once removed the bottom twists and the product comes out of the holes in the top.
The product itself is a new consistency to me a far as deodorant goes. Its a bit like a dry gel, cream sort of formula. This is a plus point when it comes to applying because it dries immediately and i can get dressed straight away with no white marks. It does seem a little moisturising too.

On the back it says to apply atnight because while resting the formula works better. I have done this but apply morning too as i feel a bit odd if i dont apply deodrant in a morning. I chose the clean scent but there was an option of quite a few, i want to say 5 or 6 different scents. The clean scent is a very manly, musky kind of scent and i wonder if i picked a male one by mistake.

Overall its a great poduct, does the job, scent lasts a long time. I dont usually have to apply any deodrant more than once a day anyway but feel this locks in any moisture. This retails for around £5 from popular chemists so its a bit pricy but i think it will last a long time. Im a couple of weeks in and here is still loads left which is easy to see through the side of the packaging. I would say this would last around 3 months.