Sunday, 17 January 2016

--- Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream ---

I thought i would do my first post of the year about a new hand cream i bought before christmas. I have been trying it out for about a month and really like it. Its from the Dove Derma Spa range and i believe they have quite a few products in this range. I will post a link HERE if you want to take a look. I love Dove products anyway and spotted this in my local Asda.
I picked up the Goodness 3 One

Product Claims - on the packaging
Spa Experience - Goodness hand cream is our first spa-like treatment to blend omega oil and cell-moisurisers. This fast-absorbing hand cream transforms dry skin in 3 beautiful ways, for even looking luminous skin that feels velvety soft. Specially created for dry skin.

Do i agree?
Firstly it is a luxurious cream, it smells nice but is quite strong and i would say a kind of musky floral scent. If you dont like strong scents this may not sit well with you as it does last a long time. It has defenitely helped my dry skin. I wouldnt say fast absorbing it takes a few minutes to fully sink in and in the meantime has a slight silicony feel like a face primer does. Once absorbed it leaves a very slight, almost unoticable glow.

Price and Availabilty
This is widely available in the UK and is reasonably priced starting around the £2-£3 mark if you can find on offer. (At time of writing its £2.50 from Asda online).

Smells amazing if you dont mind strong scents
Makes skin feel soft and silky
Nice amount of product for the price
Little goes a long way

Very oily when applied and takes a whle to sink in
Overall i would recommend this product if you have really dry skin on your hands. I would also say as a tip i have found is this cream is best used overnight and i usually apply before bed since it takes a while to sink in. Also great to use at night since hands arent being washed and it gives it chance to work.  
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