Sunday, 17 January 2016

Ebay 10 Piece Brush Set

So i though i would make my first post about this 10 piece brush set i have just received in the post today. I believe this was around the £4-£5 mark for the complete set so i wasnt expecting anything special but they look pretty decent quality for the price. This was definitely a youtube made me buy it purchase because i was watching a beauty guru i follow and she mentioned this set and that it was a possible dupe for sigma brushes. Im no pro with makeup so for me i thought these would be perfect. They are exactly as described, they are not as dense as the more expensive brushes would be but from today's test of blending on my hand they seem to do the trick. They did have a slightly funny scent when i opened the box but thats probably from the packaging as the were individually wrapped on plastic. I have washed them and the scent has completely gone. They also didnt shed at all. The handles arent loose and they have no chips or marks on them etc.
The face brushes are slightyl shorter and fatter and they eye brushes longer and thinner. The eye brushes could be used for buffing in concealer too i would think as they are big enough.
This is the difference in size between the face and eye brushes.
These are the five face brushes and as you can see there is a good variety, two flat top, one more pointed, one more rounded and one slanted. As mentioned above they arent as dense as some of the same brand named ones i have seen.
These are the eye brushes, again i think a couple would be big enough for concealer, there is a nice dome shaped one that fits well into the crease of the eye and a nice fluffy buffing brush. Again with these there is flat, round, slanted etc.
Overall for the price i think there is a good variety of brushes. These are available from a range of sellers on ebay. I paid around a pound more to get them from the UK instead of China because i wanted them quicker. Keep an eye out for an update on each brush as i test them out :)