Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Luxe Elixir Beauty Sponge Blender Review

I have never tried the original beauty blender so i cant really compare this to that but i have tried other makeup sponges in the past. I have tried the regular wedge or round sponges that are available in most supermarkets/chemists but i feel that these tend to soak up a lot of product or wipe the makeup off the face when applying so i am only left with a very sheer coverage. I have also tried one that i purchased on ebay which was really soft but cracked and fell apart after 3-4 washes. This one looks nice, it came in great packaging that looks expensive and well worth the price.

Its available to purchase HERE for £7.99.

I have not used this to apply skincare as i much prefer to use my fingers for that so this has been used for foundation and then to blend out concealer and cream blush/bronzer. Its the perfect shape for getting around the nose and under the eye. Leaves a nice streak free finish.

I always use a sponge like this damp so i cant say how it would work dry, i imagine you wouldnt get the best result as they are made to be used wet. The directions on this say to dampen the sponge and squeeze out excess water and then dab the sponge in your product before bouncing and pressing it onto skin. It does also say not to drag across the face as i imagine again this will remove more product than it puts down. I washed the sponger before using it and was surprised how much it grew, it almost doubled in size and became a lot more soft and bouncy. It has a weird texture a bit like a stress ball only it keeps its original shape. It also advises to wash after 1-2 uses with a cleanser. I used baby shampoo and this seemed to work well and cleaned the stains out. I guess over time it will probably stay a little stained due to every day use.

I have tried this with cream and liquid foundation and its AMAZING! It blends a lot better than a brush or fingers, it also gave me a nice even coverage. I didnt have to use as much concealer when using this. My foundation didnt seem to catch as much on my dry areas and it seemed to cover my pores a little better. Overall for foundation application it is what i will be using in future. I have also used it to blend out cream blush and bronzer and it works great for that too. I did use it with my powder to set my makeup and again no complaints. I think it gave a lot more coverage with powder than a brush would and in doing that my face was shine free for a lot longer without looking cakey. Another thing to mention is when i dipped it in products it didnt seem so absorb much into the sponge, the product just sat on top so in the long run it will save on product as i noticed with cheaper sponges that they seem to soak up a lot of the product before it gets to the skin.

 Overall its a great sponge and i will deinitely repurchase. 

Disclaimer: I was sent this for free via AMZReviews.
My opinion is 100% honest and if i didnt like the product i would say so regardless of if i paid for it or not.